Automatic Gates
Swinging Gate Actuator
Sliding Gate Actuator
Hidden (in-ground)
Keyfob Transmitter
Automatic gates provide an excellent method of preventing intruders from bringing vehicles onto your property and thereby removing your belongings whilst posing as legitimate removal or tradesmen.

There are several different methods of actuating these gates with the principal forms being sliding and swinging with the decision being made as to whether a single or twin swinging gate with exposed or invisible gate actuators or a single sliding gate largely depending on aesthetics and space.

  • Twin swinging inward opening gates provides the most welcoming entry, with single swing inward opening and sliding gates being next.
  • Outward opening gates require a different method of actuation and are not considered to be a welcoming style of entry along with the fact that no automatic opening gate may encroach in any way onto the council or public land.

Weather resistant keypads on both sides of the gate entry are specified for situations when the remote gate controller is not available, (ie loan vehicle etc.) or for pedestrian only access/egress.

The system may be time controlled to remain open between designated hours if so desired.

Multiple button remote gate controllers are available and, with the addition of the appropriate garage door interfaces, may provide the dual role of gate and door control, keeping numbers of controllers to a minimum.

For exiting purposes (for service people and guests), and providing enough driveway room is available, an in ground vehicle detection device is proposed in the driveway set approximately 15 - 20 m back from the gates.

If space does not permit the installation of such a device we generally recommend that a press release button is located in the garage area for your departure and in the front foyer for guests' departure.

A Photoelectric safety beam is incorporated into the system across the gate pillars to prevent the gates closing on any vehicle that has been delayed within the gate closing area.

We recommend that you have Telecom bring in a 4 pair direct burial voice cable to the demarcation point to allow for future expansion (ring Telecom on 123).

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