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Perimeter Detection Combined with Intruder Detection

The principle difference between a perimeter detection system and an intruder detection system is that the perimeter system is designed to detect burglars before they enter your home whilst an intruder system will only pick up the burglar after entry has been made and movement is detected within a protected area.

Although generally 2½ to 3 times more expensive than standard intruder detection (depending on the number of opening windows and doors), Perimeter detection combined with intruder detection is considered to be the ultimate way to give personal protection to all occupants along with protecting your valuable belongings and items that can never be replaced regardless of insurance.

It is generally accepted statistically that most burglars will break a small pane of glass or corner of a window to access the locks on windows and doors and open them to gain entry.

With this system we install virtually invisible magnetic reed switch contacts on all external doors to help prevent an intruder from gaining access to your home.

When your security system is set in either full or partial mode the perimeter of you home becomes an electronic barrier to the most common entry methods used by burglars.

Perimeter detection is designed to enable you and your pets to have full freedom of movement within the home with the system armed in the 'stay' mode.

Any intruder attempting to gain entry to any protected part of the home would instantly trigger a pre-alarm alarm condition, which causes all keypads to squeal for approximately 45-60 seconds allowing you time to check the violated area before the main alarm sirens activate.

This is especially useful when you are sleeping, working, watching a movie etc., in one end or on another level of a larger home and an attempted break-in can not be heard.

If you wish, certain windows may be contacted in such a way as to enable them to be open approximately 75 - 100mm and still have the system armed. We refer to this method as 'breeze contacting'.

In this case, if you have left a door open (or in the case of a breeze-contacted window, open too far), the system will inform you of which are insecure when you attempt to arm.

Backing all this up are Passive Infra-red (PIR) motion sensors, which detect the movement of body heat within a room, and various other forms of sophisticated detection devices which add to the difficulty for an intruder to defeat.

Motion detection devices come in many forms with the most common being PIR. There are now available many other forms of motion detection including PIR/microwave and radar, which, in the correct environment, are excellent protection devices. We can also provide Pet immune/friendly motion sensors which can allow for single pets up to 36 kgs in weight or 4-5 cat sized pets, (conditions apply).

With the system armed in away, (full), mode, the two main entry points (generally garage and front door) are on delayed activation, (normally 60 - 90 seconds), to allow authorised entry to, or exit from the premises without activating the alarm. All other zones are programmed to activate immediately upon the detection of an intruder.

This is all connected to a state-of-the-art main central processor to form the heart (and brains), of your system with an in-built digital dialler, zone expansion, automatic alarm recycle, full self diagnostics including low battery, fail to communicate, power failures, etc.

We usually situate this panel in a service room or other such discrete place as fits in with the premises design, provided conditions within this area are acceptable to the system specifications of operation, and expander modules are located discretely within cupboards as required.

These systems are fully partitionable into 8 completely separate areas and activated by up to 99 four or six digit user access codes, which will allow you the ability to assign personal codes to any and all users.

They are fully programmable either locally through the Alphanumeric or Graphic LCD message display keypads or remotely utilising the telephone interface, allowing addition or deletion of codes, programming of area restrictions, adjustable entry / exit delays, remote monitoring, and upload / download facilities.

Connection to the telephone line for monitoring and maintenance is standard practice for all our systems, although the decision to go 'on-line' for monitoring remains yours.

Although State-of-the-Art, our systems are very easy you to operate. Arming the system either fully or partially can be as simple as the press of a button.

Discretely mounted internal piezo sirens are recommended to provide the dual role of alerting you to smoke detection and to create an unpleasant environment that will cause an intruder to leave immediately.

All systems are connected to the anti tamper circuit to prevent any unauthorised person from interfering with it whether armed or disarmed.

Included in this system is the ability to interface into the lighting circuits, (using the appropriate switching devices / relays [see your electrician]) which will cause lights to switch on should an activation of the alarm system take place.

Combining all these different forms of technology is what makes a Security Concepts system such formidable protection for your home.

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