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PABX Type Telephone / Intercom / Gate Release Systems, Data Cabling & Home (LAN) Network Hub

PBX type telephone systems are sophisticated devices, which we recommend in situations where automatic vehicle and pedestrian gates are to be controlled from either standard or portable telephones and in larger homes where intercom or internal calls are requires.

In addition to this most handy feature, these systems can provide user-friendly internal communications such as paging throughout the home (with system phones only), extension to extension, door station to handset, as well as providing standard PBX functions including call hold, divert, non-ringing extension pick up, and over 100 speed dial numbers.

As hybrid systems enable the integration of both digital/analogue proprietary phones and any other telepermitted devices including cordless phones, answering machines, facsimile machines, computer modems, and standard touch-tone phones, we generally specify the very user friendly Panasonic Hybrid range of PBX units.

This PBX system generates distinctive ringing tones to differentiate between incoming calls, door/gate station calls, internal transfers, etc.

On arrival at the premises, visitors press a button on the front Door station to initiate a call to pre-selected or all internal hand sets. Response may be made from the most convenient hand set, including cordless phones.

Should access for the visitor be granted, the door can be released from any telephone, including portable phones.

Digitally Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) long-range cordless telephones such as the Audioline Doro may be integrated into this system to give ranges of up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors, depending on conditions.

Traditionally, telephone cabling consists of 2 pair solid copper core voice cable installed in series, (outlet to outlet) and no provision for data cabling, and this makes the addition of a PBX or any 'smart' device extremely labour intensive and expensive at a later date. This type of cabling is now no longer recognised as being suitable for any types of centralised Communications or data systems, and does not allow for future expansion.

Demand for multi-room video entertainment and telecommunications (Phone, fax, computer and data networking) are easily satisfied with the installation of an Open House Network. The key is to do it right first time! Put the right cables in the right places and the rest is easy.

An important feature of the Open House is that it utilizes industry recognised cable standards. The cable types listed are available from a wide variety of manufacturers, ensuring competitive prices, availability and compatibility now and in the future. This will ensure that your home is wired to meet the demands of today, and future innovations.

For telecommunications, data and CCTV applications, we install Cat. 5e (350Mb) UTP cable for voice and Cat. 6 (1Gb) UTP cable for data, as a matter of course. Something few of our competitors do! When building a new home you will often want to provide for a computer network (LAN) in order to protect the long term resale value of the home. Installing and terminating the cable is as straight forward as cabling a centralised telephone installation. Cat 6 cable will allow for future expansion for your data systems for many years to come.

Cat. 5e and Cat. 6 UTP is made up of four unshielded twisted pairs (UTP). This type of cable is readily available and by changing the termination or outlet, the wiring can be upgraded for future applications such as video telephone. This also allows for future connection of any data driven or interactive devices which may (and very likely will) become available in the near future.

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