Smoke, Heat & Gas Detection
Smoke Detector
Smoke and Heat detectors are designed to protect life and property through the early detection of smoke and heat from combustion.

Photo-electric smoke detectors have proven to be the surest form of smoke detectors with a higher immunity to false alarms, excellent detection ability, and many years of trouble free environmentally friendly service.

Integrating them into your system and having the system monitored is the surest way of having 24 hour protection. Upon activation all the system sirens sound with a pulsing intermittent tone which is very different to the burglar activation.

The battery operated (stick on type) ionisation chamber type smoke detector uses Americium 241, a highly toxic radioactive isotope that is dangerous to the environment and is produced by the tonne each year.

When the unit is no longer functional, (which can range from a few months to a couple of years), it is thrown away in the rubbish and buried along with other waste to threaten our environment for thousands of years to come

These detectors are not monitorable and so are only of use when you are home, due to the sounder being within each unit and therefore not audible outside the premises.

This generally means that although you will have personal protection if you hear the unit activate, property protection is virtually non existent due to no sirens activating and the first thing anyone will know of the fire is when smoke and flames are billowing out of the windows.

We recommend the installation of recessed monitorable photoelectric type smoke detectors in living and sleeping areas and surface type photoelectric detectors in service areas.

Additionally, we recommend heat detectors in enclosed areas where smoke detectors may be affected by fumes and dust.

Gas detection devices are very important in situations where gas valve assemblies and large gas fired water heating units are contained within an enclosed area.

Gas can build up to explosive levels from even the smallest leak and a gas detector can prevent serious property and personal damage and at the same time warm the monitoring station of this leak long before it reaches dangerous levels.

All devices are connected to the security system to activate the system sirens to warn occupants and notify the monitoring station upon the detection of smoke or fire within the premises.

This allows for the early response of the Fire Service and thereby keeps damage to a minimum.

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